Aluminum 13" Apple Decor, Redkd

Aluminum 13" Apple Decor, Redkd


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This aluminum apple sculpture is perfectly proportioned to fit every aesthetic need. With a both red hue and silver stem this decor piece is sure to be and eye-catching statement. This will surely fill any vacant space, giving completion and balance to the design impact of any room or space.Sagebrook Home has been formed from a love of design, a commitment to service and a dedication to quality. They create and import fashion forward items in the most popular design styles. Backed with years of experience in the textile field, They are now providing a complete Home decor story. the combination of wall decor, furniture, lighting and Home accessories are all coordinated with textiles to provide a complete Home look. Sagebrook Home is committed to providing the best Home dŽcor and accent pieces at value prices. FINAL PURCHASE, NOT ELIGIBLE FOR RETURN OR CANCELLATION.

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